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Since 1901, our range of passenger car lubricants help you get better efficiency, performance and cost savings out of your vehicle. We’re committed to finding new solutions to lubrication challenges, going above and beyond to ensure that your vehicle delivers consistently, every time you take your car out on the road.

Our long-standing collaborations and over a century of experience have helped us develop a deep understanding of industry challenges. Whatever your particular needs, from car care to engine oil, we have the right product for your car. Our products meet and exceed the requirements of leading industry bodies including the American Petroleum Institute (API), the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) and leading global OEMs.


Gulf Formula

We expect a lot out of modern engines. Even as engines become more compact with every generation, they are expected to provide more power, lower emissions and greater fuel economy. We require consistent performance even in extreme conditions and also demand longer service intervals and engine lifetimes. The strenuous demands put on our modern engines mean they are subject to more intense loads and extreme temperatures. They can lead to premature wear and hinder your engine from sustaining its peak performance.

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Gulf Ultrasynth

Urbanisation is growing across the world at an exponential rate, with vehicles ruling the streets of our cities. But what does that mean for your vehicle? In such stop-and-go traffic conditions, your car is bound to encounter sudden stops and bursts of power. Such conditions put immense stress on lubricants and demand superior performance for efficient wear protection.

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Gulf Max

We give so much attention to the exterior cleanliness of our cars, however what’s often neglected is the cleanliness under the bonnet.

Over time all engines,, build up deposits from extended use. These deposits reduce your engine's efficiency and overall reliability. All in all, to ensure your car is running faster, smoother, and more efficiently, you need to keep its engine clean. That’s why you need Gulf MAX.

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Gulf Multi

If you have an older generation car with turbocharged engine then Gulf Multi series is the recommended engine oil. It is particularly beneficial for naturally aspirated gasoline powered passenger cars and diesel powered light duty vehicles. It is blended using selected high good base oils and performance additives to provide excellent engine protection. Better thermo-oxidative stability minimizes deposits & sludge build-up Effective rust inhibitors retard formation of rust in critical engine parts. Better anti-wear technology minimizes engine wear to reduce maintenance costs. Good Stay-in-grade performance ensures reliable lubrication even at higher load & operating temperatures.​

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