Hydraulic Oils

High performance anti-wear hydraulic oils for high pressure systems operating in moderate to severe conditions in industrial services. Compatible with multi-metals and sealing materials commonly used in hydraulic systems.

Gear Oils

The Gulf range of high performance, extreme pressure gear oils are designed for the lubrication of heavy-duty industrial enclosed gears, operating under severe or shock loading conditions. Gulf products offer outstanding lubrication performance and protection against shock loading and wear, and resistance to high temperature deposit formation.

Thermic Oils

Gulf Therm series are premium quality heat transfer oil intended for use in closed indirect heating systems. It possesses high specific heat and thermal conductivity to provide more rapid heat dissipation and its ability to flow rapidly at low temperatures ensures quick circulation quick circulation at start-up and reduced risk of local over-heating.

Turbine Oils

The Gulf premium quality turbines oils are specially designed to satisfy the demanding lubrication requirements of geared and non-geared steam turbines, water, gas turbines and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT). These high-quality oils also offer you reliable operation, reduced down-time and extended service life, even when operating at high temperatures, leading to reduced maintenance costs.

Transformer Oils

Gulf Transcrest is high performance uninhibited electrical insulating oil specially designed for use in transformers, switch gears and other electrical equipment. It possesses good dielectric properties and heat transfer characteristics due to the low viscosity and is free from detrimental traces of water, dust, and fibrous material to provide reliable operation with reduced downtime and improved service life.

Cutting Fluids

Gulf Cut Soluble Oil combines the good features of a compounded cutting oil with those of regular emulsions to produce a fluid with maximum cooling ability, excellent lubricity, and anti-weld properties. It offers a high degree of emulsion stability, corrosion protection, control of rancidity, staining of non-ferrous metals.


Gulf Crown series greases are multipurpose extreme pressure lithium soap-based grease for use in a wide range of heavy duty on-road trucking and automotive applications as well as varied industrial applications. These greases are designed for the lubrication of rolling element and plain bearings such as those found in the steel, paper, mining, quarrying and construction industries.

Compressor Oils

The Gulf Fidelity range of advanced ash less air compressor oils are developed for use in rotary, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors and specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major compressor manufacturers. Gulf Fidelity products, with their advanced additive technology, provide excellent anti-wear protection and lubrication of equipment working in extreme temperatures and severe operating conditions.